Nestled between the Alps and the Mediterranean, Slovenia delights with its many faces. Here, various events and meetings can be organized in the Alps, the Mediterranean or the Kras, in spas, castles, on beautiful lakes and in busy urban centres. Colorful diversity in many different ways represents one of Slovenia’s greatest competitive advantages. Slovenia’s fascinating natural and cultural heritage, broad selection of congress capacities and meeting venues, world-famous cuisine, outstanding wines, authenticity, pleasant climate, variety of experiences and last but not least, the friendly and industrious people, make up the pillars of the Slovenia Meetings programme.

Wherever you find yourself in Slovenia, you’re sure to experience a diversity of features and sights, feeling the essential touch of the people’s hospitality. The petite size of our country is also its great advantage, unique in its colourful diversity of experience where distances are tiny and everything is within reach.

Our renowned writer Brina Svit, speaking in Paris at a promotional event organized by the Slovenian Convention Bureau, described her country thus:

“Slovenia, the destination with the best location.”

Rings true, in more than one context – geographical, cultural, social, economic … and great chemistry happens when all these factors come together. The appeal of our destinations lies precisely in their multi-sensory palette of emotions, the excitement of large variety on a small scale. Telegraph, for example, offered the following on the matter:

“Tiny Slovenia has a store of attractions and activities – from Venetian coastal towns to white-water rafting – to rival a country many times its size. Though Slavic to the core, it has a cuisine, a culture and even architecture that has been greatly influenced by its neighbours, Italy, Austria and Hungary. The incredible mixture of climates here brings warm Mediterranean breezes up to the foothills of the Alps, where it can nonetheless snow even in summer. And with more than half of its total area covered in forest, Slovenia really is one of the greenest countries in the world. But for me, the country’s greatest single attribute is the Slovenes themselves: quietly conservative, deeply self-confident, remarkably broad-minded, especially tolerant and very, very hospitable.”

Certainly, Slovenia leaves no visitor indifferent. Impressions such as the above offer more proof that sometimes, the best things come in the smallest packages – with their own air of enchantment.


Slovenia is a safe, hospitable and friendly country offering numerous meeting and conference venues for events of every size up to 2,200 delegates. The locations are incredibly diverse, whether your preference is for the enchanting capital, Ljubljana, an alpine setting, the Adriatic coast, a health resort or one of the beautiful historic towns or cities.

Although Slovenia ranks among the smallest European countries, it is good to keep in mind that colorful diversity in many different ways represents one of its greatest competitive advantages.

Slovenia is certainly more than just a nice advert, closer to a novel with an impressive plot. It’s the single country whose name contains the magic word love. Indeed, love is found in many of its nooks and crannies, uniting diverse landscapes in a tiny place. The country’s natural environment is absolutely phenomenal, while richness of landscape is one of its radiant competitive advantages. As a Slovene folk story goes, the creator forgot about this little piece of the world at first, and so in the very last moment, he crafted it from parts of all the others. Indeed, a unique feature of Slovenia are its four cultures and landscapes – the Alps, the Pannonian plains, the Karst and the Mediterranean; shaped by the historical influences of four peoples, the Slavic, Romance, Germanic, and Finno-Ugric.

“Slovenia in three sentences? Great people, marvelous nature, authenticity.”

Aoife Delaney, director of marketing and sales,
DMC Network, LLC, Ireland

Imagine attending an expert conference in the morning, with the speakers waging their intellectual contest in an actual boxing ring, then continuing the panel discussion perched on ancient industrial barrels! A dynamic expert event is best followed by a business lunch of gourmet cuisine, prepared just for you by the world’s best female chef, while enjoying the breathtaking vistas of Slovenia’s green surroundings, sipping on a glass of choice local wine. Simply divine! To further strengthen team spirit, late afternoon offers a quick ride to the Slovenian coastline where a regatta across the blue Adriatic will certainly bolster morale. And who is to say emotions don’t belong in the business world? A gala dinner accompanied by the inspiring sounds of jazz music, staged in the enchanting caves of the Karst, is a delight like no other.

Sounds interesting? Welcome, and let us impress  you!


Difficult to pronounce, easy to fall in love with. Beloved Ljubljana!

Coincidence or not, the spelling of the Slovenian capital’s name is nearly the same as our word for “beloved” (ljubljena). Indeed, Ljubljana, European Green Capital 2016, is so lovely, lively and green anyone can fall in love with it at a glance. Slovenians are proud of their sustainably-oriented metropolis boasting 542 square meters of public green spaces for each inhabitant, untreated natural drinking water, friendliness to pedestrians and cyclists, and an overall flair of sparkling excitement. The capital offers not only rich cultural happenings and extraordinary architecture, but also resembles a fantasy location, being overlooked by a Medieval bastion – the Ljubljana Castle reigning picturesque over the landscape. It was here, as legend has it, that the Greek hero Jason fought the mythical Ljubljana Dragon, now a charming symbol of the city.

On the national scale, Ljubljana has the largest conference capacities, offering high- quality facilities for event organization with up to 2.200 participants. The city’s nifty advantage is also its relatively small size and compact nature, which lets attendees simply walk between the conference setting and other locations involved in their program. Both congress centres, many conference hotels and event venues are namely all found in downtown Ljubljana. Event organizers often say it’s a logistic piece of cake. Ljubljana is truly full of surprises – small in scale, boundless in hospitality and quality of life.

Where the Wine Routes follow  the shape of the heart

Maribor is Slovenia’s second biggest city, and the home of the world’s oldest vine. Here, too, the dominant theme is green – the embrace of Pohorje’s wonderful forests and rolling winegrowing hills. The merry centre of the Štajerska (Styria) region thrills with its extraordinary wine tradition, outstanding cuisine, egregious and zesty people, fun events throughout the year, proper eco tourism nearby and, not least, its famous championship spirit. The surroundings of Maribor offer some unique options for outdoor activities where a return to the first principles, to Mother Nature, is but a pleasant trip away. In addition to all the above, Maribor is a business, academic, cultural and political hub of eastern Slovenia. Increasingly, the capital of Štajerska is also becoming known as a distinguished host of congresses, conferences, incentives and other business and expert


Priceless  views, serene settings

The Goriška region rests at the crossroads of four winegrowing districts (Goriška Brda, Kras, Vipava Valley and Collio), a stone’s throw from the emerald beauties of the River Soča whose surrounding peaks offer marvellous views of the Adriatic. In addition to its conventional conference offer, Nova Gorica and its surroundings provide a wealth of curious opportunities for the organization of business and expert meetings and incentives. Here, too, lovers of nature will have their day, along with fans of cultural events and sports, adrenaline addicts, foodies (especially so), photographers and many more. Perhaps you’d like to climb the comfortable Sabotin, a pleasant lookout point across the beauties of Soča and its railroad bridge with the greatest stone arch in the world – built during the times of the Austro-Hungarian Empire? Feeling inspired for your next incentive yet? The choice is yours!


Crisp Alpine air. Marvellous surroundings. Inspiration.

The Alpine pearls Bled and Bohinj lie at the outskirts of the Triglav National Park, one of Europe’s oldest, in the heart of the Julian Alps from where captivating vistas open up on all sides of the horizon. The Bled Island, an icon of Slovene tourism, holds a special place in our history, being cherished already by the verses of our great poet France Prešeren:

“Yon islet cradled by the waves, today St. Mary’s point of grace; behind it snow-capped giants stand and fields before it, o’er the land, the Castle Bled proud to the leftand hillock after hillock nice,the whole Carniola knows no place in beauty greater, paradise!”

Baptism,  France Prešeren

So, how about some refreshing meeting concepts in the Alps? Or perhaps pleasant Bohinj, which not only boasts the biggest glacial lake in Slovenia but also our nation’s first certified ecological hotel, the  Bohinj ECO Hotel, hosting a range of business meetings and conventions?
A great destination for your business handshake is also the state protocol grounds at Brdo –  Domain of Delights, with a standing tradition of protocol events  and conferences. The sports pulse of the local Alpine region is naturally felt best in Kranjska Gora. Many cycling and hiking routes, splendid skiing slopes, the Planica Nordic Centre with its zipline over the biggest ski jumping hill in the world, all offer stimulating settings for incentives and meetings that will boost morale, strengthen companionship and energize your day. For all those preferring water-based adrenaline experiences, the emerald  S o č a  River Valley is a place of teambuilding adventure in a verdant landscape straight from a fantasy tale.


Sun. Wind. Hospitality.

Portorož  and  Piran,  two  marvelous  seaside  locations,  round  out  our  picturesque destination mosaic with their typical Mediterranean flair and fascinating history. Besides the organization of congresses and other expert conventions for up to 1.200 delegates, the Slovene coast and the Kras accommodate a lively selection of outdoor incentive experiences. Spirits will be lifted by a short regatta on the azure Adriatic Sea and curiosity sparked by kayaking across the Piran Bay, home of the European seabass in the  Fonda Fish Farm. Of course, you can always opt for relaxation in one of the local oases of wellbeing. And how about exploring mysterious Karstic caves and famous disappearing lakes? Imagine hunting for truffles in the Slovene Istria in the morning, riding an old-timer across the Kras landscape in the afternoon, arriving at an elegant castle in the evening to enjoy a gala dinner prepared just for you by the world’s top female chef. A perfect end ing to a perfect day!

The endearing people of Slovenia’s littoral region, or primorci as we like to call them, are characteristically warm, pleasant, hospitable and welcoming folks, true ambassadors of Slovenian energy.

Salt flats. A seaside view. Mysterious Kras. Peaceful winegrowing hills and peace of mind.

Each piece of Slovenia has its own magic, and this is especially true of the verdant Kras, a veritable microcosm of our country. The Kras lies nestled between the Brkini Hills, the Bay of Trieste, the Vipava Valley and the Slovene Istria. It is home to outstanding Teran wine, dry-cured prosciutto and the strong Burja wind. Of course, the Kras’s own people and land are a unique lot, proud to guide you around their many enchanting caves and typical Karstic phenomena. A gem of the land is also the Slovene Istria, filled with natural beauty and cultural heritage. Be it its 800-year-old tradition of salt pans, the slender alleys of coastline towns or the broad seaside avenues, all are filled with calm and wonder. Truly, the Mediterranean and the Kras provide a treasure trove of natural and cultural landmarks to enjoy. As our famous poet Oton Župančič once put it: “My soul is as jolly as if it were drinking Kras Teran!” Well, he was right. Come and see for yourself …


Waterful Slovenia

Did you know that in Slovenia,  drinking water is in fact a constitutional right  and that our country has its very own fizzy healing water? Legend has it the mineral source of the cherished Rogaška Slatina was unearthed as the Pegasus, the winged stallion of Greek mythology, struck its hooves against the nearby hills, shifting the mantle of the Earth, gushing forth magnificent health-giving treasure! The story marks the beginnings of the successful Donat Mg brand – the world’s natural mineral water richest in magnesium.

In Slovenia you can find an exciting number of thermal and mineral springs in a relatively small area, and consequently many thermal spas becoming an increasingly popular destination among business guests as well. The Štajerska region boasts the greatest number of these – as many as seven. The secret to vitality and wellbeing rests in the 87 natural  thermal  springs. Hearty waters, great climate and other traits represent the core offer of Slovenia’s fifteen  certified natural  health  spas.  Thermal and mineral waters have been a faithful source of health for the locals for centuries. Our roots of balneology go back over 2000 years, with preserved records from antiquity on display in the spas Rogaška Slatina, Rimske Toplice and Terme Dobrna.

In addition to hosting conferences, congresses and other expert meetings for up to 600 delagates, Slovenian  health  spas offer great potential for outdoor incentive experiences in a championship mood, like our own Ilka Štuhec, you can glide the beautiful slopes of the  Maribor Pohorje, test your cycling mettle riding across marvellous landscapes certain to inspire your future business endeavours, or simply absorb the power of nature through one of the selfness programs. Conversely, you can decide to unwind to the fullest, relaxing in one of our oases of vitality and wellbeing. As icing on the cake, most of the spas are found in a verdant winegrowing region, where the tasting of premium wine and culinary treats rounds up your comprehensive sensory experience of the region.


Slovenia shares a border with Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia. Like Switzerland, we’ve got majestic mountains and lush river valleys but we’ve not landlocked: we’ve also got a magnificent coastline on the Adriatic. Our capital is Ljubljana. It’s a largely traffic -free city with a stunning mediaeval castle built either side of a river.

Slovenia  is  a  petite,  peaceful  and  relaxed  nook  of  the  planet  with  an  extraordinary potential for outdoor experiences – a green destination par excellence! Here, we value the importance of solid partnership, believing that business events and expert conventions are best executed when they involve the destination’s community into a genuine relationship with the clients & attendees. The answer lies in the people, one of Slovenia’s key competitive advantages. Agreeableness, a round-the-clock smile, a personal approach and team flexibility, these are the natural components of Slovenian energy, traits that make Slovenia Meetings stand out.

Slovenia is a young country, and new to MICE, so most attendees haven’t been there before. This makes Slovenia appealing for today’s delegates who crave something new, different, off-the-beaten track.

Besides that, Slovenia is also a green county. Their cities have rich culture and human scale and their countryside has mountains, forests, rivers and lakes. The food and wine compare with the best. Slovenia is the perfect haven, an awesome place to escape to – on your doorstep, right in the middle of Europe. And a lot less expensive than Switzerland!

Slovenian  Incentive  Guide Ideas Book

Slovenian  Convention Bureau with  collaboration of Kongres  Magazine released  its first guide through Slovenian  incentive programs.

Programs are divided into 7 categories from adrenaline to active, CSR, cultural, historical, culinary and luxury experience. This unique guide offers  green, new, versatile,  safe and yet  undiscovered  programs,  between   Alps,   Mediterranean  Sea  and  Panonian flatlands. Any season is the right season to visit Slovenia. This guide includes programs that are perfect for seasons of the year. Since in Slovenia the sun shines more than 2.000 hours a year, every season offers perfect time for incentive programs. Slovenian Convention Bureau and Kongres Magazine have brought together many wonderful locations with authentic programmes to charm even the most demanding clients. We invite you to flip through pages and discover a wide range of programs which will leave you speechless.

  • Access to Slovenian  Incentive  Ideas Book : Click here
  • Learn more about what SITE leaders had to say about their experiences in Slovenia: Click here


Slovenian Convention Bureau 2019

New Decade Starts with 11th Conventa

Join  Slovenia  Meetings  at  the  Conventa Experience , Slovenia’s trade-show-with-a- difference. Powered by that special Slovenian energy, Conventa is a dynamic community of  meeting  and  event  professionals  convening  in  Ljubljana from  23  to  24  January 2019. For more details  and  registration  please  visit  the  Conventa  website or  share this  info with #eventprofs of your choice.

A true experience with an emphasized heightening of all of the senses awaits you at Conventa. Conventa’s main mission is to create your own holistic sensuous experience that will fix in your memory and carry positive feelings  with  you when you return back home.  Conventa’s  approach  is  based  on  a  unique  formula  for  the  synergy  of  an experience that we simply call the Conventa Experience. In 2019 the Conventa Team want  you  to  create  your  own  personal   experience   through  the  six  senses,  an experience so good that we will look forward to seeing you in Slovenian capital Ljubljana.


The Slovenian Convention Bureau (SCB) is a member-based organisation that focuses on the marketing and promotion of Slovenia as a destination for business events including meetings, incentive travel experiences, conferences, events and exhibitions. SCB features more than 50 members, including convention centres, hotels, PCO’s and DMC’s, regional convention bureaux, incentive and other hospitality service providers. SCB acts as a professional intermediary between meeting planners and suppliers, assisting organisers to select the most appropriate solution for their event. The SCB is also the co-organiser of Conventa,  a trade show and exhibition that showcases the “New Europe” to international meetings  and  events  planners.  The  Slovenian  Tourist  Board  and SCB  are  strategic partners.


This direct links opens new prospects to discover Slovenia and its many attributes.

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Check out the stories on the Slovenian CVB website:



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