The Internet WEBSITE accessible at the address is published by the company WE ARE ATYPIK SAS stock company simplified with a capital of €5 000, registered at the RCS of PARIS under the number 83471718300018, whose headquarters is located 55 Avenue Marceau – 75116 Paris 16, hereinafter referred to as ‘The company We Are Atypik Sas’.

The WEBSITE offers a service of online promotional content and relationship between buyers – hereinafter called Buyers/Organizers – and providers of services – hereinafter called Providers/Advertisers for the realization of professionnel events or group travel.

The service allows mainly come into direct contact with these Providers/Advertisers to make requests for information and/or send quote requests.

Access and use of the SERVICES are reserved for professional users. It is understood by « professional user » physical and legal entity who exercise a commercial activity, services, intermediation, industrial, craft or Liberal, and anyone acting in the name or on behalf of a professional.

These terms of use constitute a contract between the company WE ARE ATYPIK SAS on one the hand and the user on the other hand.

In accordance with the special CONDITIONS / terms of sale, the claimant or the buyer and/or organizer remains at all times fully master of the Organization and the success of the event, under his sole responsibility. The following conditions (the ‘ terms of use or terms of service”) are and shall continue to apply as of the first use of the SERVICES. Please read these terms of use and make sure you understand them. By using the SERVICES, user agrees to be bound by these terms. At any time, if he does not agree with these terms of use, the user must immediately put an end to the use of the WEBSITE.

The present terms of use take precedence over all other general conditions of purchase and/or sale and special documents specific to the claimant, the claimant or the buyer and/or organizer or any third party. The user may at any time consult them on the WEBSITE, store them on your computer or on another support, send an e-mail or print them on paper so as to keep them.

It is agreed and stopped the following:

Article 1. Interpretation

Definition and rules of construction set forth in this section apply to these terms of use.

« ACTIVITIES »: refers to animation or business event benefits offered by third party providers and may be acquired by a purchaser and/or organizer in addition to a booking request.
« ACCOUNT »: refers to the virtual space allocated to each user of the WEBSITE when registering. This personal space is accessible by entering the user IDs (Login/password).
« TERMS and CONDITIONS (or UGC) »: means the contractual terms made available on the WEBSITE to oversee the use of the WEBSITE by any user.
SPECIAL CONDITIONS / CONDITIONS OF SALE (or CP/TCS) »: refers to the contractual conditions governing the provision of SERVICES by the company WE ARE ATYPIK SAS to Providers/Advertisers.
USER DATA »: means the billing data or other information that was entered by the user or society WE ARE ATYPIK SAS, on behalf of the user, in order to use the SERVICES provided by WE ARE ATYPIK SAS company.
QUOTE »: means the estimate issued to the attention of a Provider/Advertiser by We Are Atypik Sas company. The estimate quote includes the essential elements of the service requested and the price of each SERVICE delivery. In any case, We Are Atypik Sas intervenes in trade taking place between a Buyer/Organizer and a Provider/Advertiser.
CARD » means the specific page to each Provider/Advertiser, dedicated to the presentation of the services offered to Buyers/Organizers. A Provider/Advertiser can have multiple presentation cards.
IDENTIFIERS »: means the user entered to the creation of an account, data to validate registration and demand certification of a Buyer/Organizer or a claimant wishing to communicate on his offer.
DAY OPEN »: means a day that is not a Saturday, a Sunday or a public holiday in France.
The company « WE ARE ATYPIK SAS » or « WE »: means the company WE ARE ATYPIK SAS stock company simplified with a capital of €5 000, registered under the number 834 717 183 00018 at the RCS of PARIS.  WE ARE ATYPIK sas company headquarters is located at 55 Avenue Marceau – Paris 16 – 75116 – FRANCE.
« BUYER/ORGANIZER »: refers to any professional, natural entity or legal person wishing to organize a business event, a tour group (MICE or LEISURE), looking for benefits and who wants to get in touch with one Provider/Advertiser or more through the WEBSITE.
PROVIDER/ADVERTISER »: refers to any professional, natural person or legal entity, present (having acquired one or more presentation cards) on the WEBSITE in order to sell its services to the BUYERS/ORGANIZERS.
DELIVERY »: means any service offered by a Provider/Advertiser listed on the WEBSITE.
PARTS »: means all the USERS on the one hand and WE ARE ATYPIK SAS company on the other hand.
Service providers third party »: means any professional who provides SERVICES and/or activities to the Buyers/Organizers.
Associated services »: means additional benefits paying or free of charge with a direct or indirect link with the use of the WEBSITE and can be offered to a Buyer/Organizer.
PARTNER »: means any service provided by a partner allowing the Buyer/Organizer to find additional services to organize the event.
Application of INFORMATION »: means making contact with a Provider/Advertiser by a Buyer/Organizer through the WEBSITE
SERVICE »: means all of the services provided by the company WE ARE ATYPIK SAS to users through the WEBSITE.
WEBSITE »: means the WEBSITE, created and edited by the society WE ARE ATYPIK SAS. The WEBSITE includes all of the web pages, services, and features offered to users.
USER » or « YOU »: means any person who accesses and navigates on the WEBSITE: Provider/Advertiser, Buyer/Organiser or simple user.

Article 2. WE ARE ATYPIK SAS’s commercial role

The WEBSITE provides a service of online promotional content between Providers and Buyers of services for the realization of professionnal events or group travels. WE ARE ATYPIK SAS intervenes only as a society service provider and operator of the online platform according to the Digital Republic Law of October 7, 2016.

All the indications relating to their presentation and the services offered are established by Providers/Advertisers themselves, without the intervention of the company WE ARE ATYPIK SAS.

WE ARE ATYPIK SAS cannot be responsible for the pre-contractual information provided by Providers/Advertisers on their space. WE ARE ATYPIK SAS is committed to control the information entered by Providers/Advertisers, but its primary role is to host this information for which he does not have the quality of editor and cannot be responsible for these contents.

WE ARE ATYPIK SAS is not involved in the contract between Providers/Advertisers and Organizers/Buyers and/or third parties, and cannot be considered as a party to the said contract. WE ARE ATYPIK SAS is not an event agency or a travel agency. Moreover, it is specified that the UGC do not give to any users the quality of employee, representative, agent of WE ARE ATYPIK SAS company.

Article 3. Technical specifications

To access the SERVICES from a computer, the user must have  an operating système updated and  the adapted equipment and a minimum of the following specificities:

The WWW.WEAREATYPIK.WORLD WEBSITE is compatible with most browsers. It is advisable to always use one of the two latest versions of your browser (Ex: Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari) to ensure a fast display of pages and to take advantage of the latest security updates. If you are using an older browser, it may be that certain functions and/or features may not work correctly and become inoperative when we make changes to the WEBSITE.

  • A 1 GHz processor or faster and 2 GB of RAM or more.

By using the WEBSITE, the user acknowledges having the means and skills to the use of the WEBSITE. The equipment necessary to access and use of the WEBSITE are the responsibility of the user, as well as the costs of telecommunication incurred by their use.

Article 4. SERVICES offered to the Buyers/Organizers

4.1Registration of the BUYER / ORGANIZER

4.1.1 Qualification

To become a Buyer/Organizer, you agree that:

  • you are 18 years old or more;
  • you validly represent a legal entity, you are authorized by your client or exercising a liberal or craft profession, or a sole proprietorship;
  • you use the services as a professional and not as an individual consumer;
  • you are an Event Agency, a MICE agency, a Destination Managment Agency, or either a Travel Agency, you declare as a Buyer/Organizer and/or a Provider have subscribed the insurance required in the exercise of your profession and deposits of guarantees required from an approved agency. You have your license number and possibly an IATA number.

4.1.2 Conditions of inscription

To take advantage of the SERVICES, the user creates an account on the WEBSITE. Registration is entirely free for Buyers/Organizers.To register; the Buyer/Organizer is requested to provide the following information:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Company
  • Position
  • Password

Then, the Buyer/Organizer can take benefit from the SERVICES. The Organizer/Buyer agrees to provide to the society WE ARE ATYPIK SAS accurate data, fair and up-to-date, which do not infringe, in any title whatsoever, the rights of third parties. The Buyer/Organizer undertakes to communicate to the society WE ARE ATYPIK SAS any necessary update of the data provided when registering.

4.1.3 Management of identifiers

Once registered, the buyer/Organizer will need its own identifiers to connect to the WEBSITE. Buyer/Organizer will be able to change the personal password at any time, via the tab “Account” – “My profile” ‘Click here to change your password’, ‘My password’ and ‘Edit ‘.

WE ARE ATYPIK SAS undertakes not to communicate this password. We can advise but It belongs to the Buyer/Organizer to ensure the confidentiality of his credentials. In this respect, the Buyer/Organizer is particularly committed to:

  • Write anywhere and in any case his identifiers, same form coded;
  • Always hide his identifiers from the eyes and prying ears;
  • Do not compose his credentials in front of a third party;

It is also strongly recommended to the buyer/Organizer to change the password required for access to the WEBSITE at regular intervals. When he proceeds to change his password, the buyer/Organizer must ensure that the password is not made up of combinations easily identifiable as for example name, first name, date of birth, or those of a loved one (spouse, child, etc.), a word of passes used for other uses (including for personal messaging, etc.).

The Buyer/Organiser must ensure to choose a password for sufficiently long and composed whenever this is possible, a combination with both letters, numbers, and uppercase and lowercase characters.

WE ARE ATYPIK SAS may, at its discretion, impose an of the Buyer/Organizer password expiration date beyond which it will not be able to access SERVICES without a prior change of password. Buyer/Organizer is committed also do not store on his computer, Smartphone or its digital tablet, its identifiers, or send them via unsecured such as e-mail, transmission channels sms… The Buyer/Organizer has also the responsibility to erase the information stored on his computer, Smartphone or its digital Tablet after the payment transaction, including deleting cookies and history or even the deletion of the data stored in the memory cache.

Any connection to the account of a Buyer/Organizer to leave its IDs will be presumed to have been made by the buyer/organizer himself, who accepts the responsibility. All Buyer/Organiser who would have knowledge of fraudulent use of his credentials will have to immediately inform the company WE ARE ATYPIK SAS. His negligence in the communication of this alert to the society WE ARE ATYPIK SAS may be accused to him. Creating an account requires to provide a professional and valid e-mail address. The Buyer/Organizer undertakes to create only a single account on the WEBSITE.

WE ARE ATYPIK SAS declines all responsibility for the harmful consequences of the use of multiple accounts for a single Buyer/Organizer

The Buyer/Organizer is fully responsible for the accuracy and the update of the data provided as part of the opening and management of his account. WE ARE ATYPIK SAS reserves the discretionary right to check the personal information and the experiences mentioned by a Buyer/Organizer and to refuse registration if it turned out to be loyal or comply with the spirit of the WEBSITE, or if it would be contrary to the image of the society WE ARE ATYPIK SAS, and this although it is possible to incur liability in any way whatsoever.

4.2 SERVICES made available to the Buyer/Organizer

4.2.1 Cards Consultation

Once logged into his account, the Buyer/Organizer has the ability to view information about each service, via each card. Buyer/Organizer can search according to different criteria:

  • Destination
  • Localisation
  • Configuration
  • Type of venue or provider
  • Facilities
  • Capacity
  • Framework
  • Brands
  • Activities

This list is constantly changing; here we can specify all of the search criteria. Buyer/Organizer also has the opportunity to see directly the name of the venue or of the Provider.

4.2.2 Requests for information and quote

Buyers/Organizers can request a quote directly from the Providers/Advertisers for each of the services presented on the WEBSITE. WE ARE ATYPIK SAS is not involved in the discussions, negotiations and all exchange of a commercial nature between Buyers/Organizers and Providers/Advertisers. In order to promote networking and exchanges, the company WE ARE ATYPIK SAS has implemented a contact form on each Card of each of its Providers/Advertisers with the opportunity for the Buyer/Organizer attach a file specifying the specifications of its request.

4.3 User’s unsubscribe

The Buyer/Organiser is free to delete his account at any time by proceeding as follows:

  • by e-mail to the following address:;
  • by mail to the following address: WE ARE ATYPIK SAS – 55 avenue Marceau – 75116  PARIS 16 – France

WE ARE ATYPIK SAS will confirm deregistration of the Buyer/Organizer through an email to the address provided on his account. All of the data and contents related to this account will then be deleted from the WEBSITE within a period of 60 days from the request, in accordance with the privacy policy of the company WE ARE ATYPIK SAS, available here:

Only information likely to identify a content editor to the meaning of the Act of 21, June 2004 are kept during one (1) year before be destroyed.

By exception, the identification data will be kept three (3) years, and identity-related data will be kept for five (5) years in the fight against money laundering (article L.561 – 12 of the French monetary and financial Code). In any case, the user who wants to get the most recent backup of the data users must contact the company WE ARE ATYPIK SAS, within a period of ten (10) days, from the date of closure of the account. WE ARE ATYPIK SAS will endeavour to transmit the data users in a reasonable time.

Article 5. SERVICES offered to the Providers/Advertisers

Relationships and provisions on registration and services to Providers/Advertisers are governed by the specific Conditions/Terms of sale. The company WE ARE ATYPIK SAS to the claimant will transmit this contract.

Article 6. Obligations of the Parties

6.1 Obligations of the user

6.1.1 General principles

In the WEBSITE use context, each user agrees to not infringe public order and comply with the laws and regulations in force, to respect the rights of third parties and the provisions of these terms. Each user has the obligation of:

  • Be loyal and respectful towards the company WE ARE ATYPIK SAS, other users and third parties;
  • Be honest and truthful in the information provided to the company WE ARE ATYPIK SAS and, if applicable to third party users;
  • Use the WEBSITE in accordance with its object as described in these terms;
  • Do not divert the purpose of the WEBSITE to commit crimes, offences or contraventions repressed by the penal Code or any other Act;
  • Respect the privacy of third parties and the confidentiality of exchanges;
  • Respect the intellectual property rights of the company WE ARE ATYPIK SAS and Providers/Advertisers on the elements of the WEBSITE;
  • Do not seek to harm within the meaning of articles 323-1 and following of the penal Code to systems automated database implemented on the WEBSITE;
  • Do not change information online by society WE ARE ATYPIK SAS or by advertisers and providers;
  • Do not use the WEBSITE to send mass unsolicited messages (advertising or others);
  • Do not disseminate data to reduce, to disrupt, slow down or interrupt the normal operation of the WEBSITE ;
  • Do not transmit viruses through the WEBSITE;

In respect of the legal and regulatory provisions in force and in accordance with the freedom of the Press Act of 29 July 1981, the user agrees to not broadcast message or information:

  • Constitutifs of fault by denigrating the society WE ARE ATYPIK SAS or the providers/advertisers;
  • Contrary to public order and good morals;
  • At character offensive, defamatory, racist, xenophobic, revisionist or injurious to the honour or the reputation of others;
  • Inciting discrimination, hatred of a person or a group of people at the rate of their origin or their membership or their belonging to an ethnic group, a nation, a race or a specific religion;
  • Threatening a person or a group of people;
  • Paedophiliac
  • Inciting to commit a misdemeanor, a crime, or an act of terrorism or an apologist for war crimes or crimes against humanity;
  • Inciting to suicide
  • Allowing to third parties to obtain directly or indirectly to the pirated software, software serial numbers, software enabling acts of piracy and intrusion into computer systems and telecommunications, viruses and other bombs logical and generally all software tool or another to infringe the rights of others and the safety of people and property;
  • At commercial (unfair competition, prospecting, soliciting, prostitution…).

6.1.2 Security

In addition to the provisions on security IDs, the following provisions bind the user:

Security of computer equipment.

Internet is an open international network of telecommunication whereby the user can be accessed through a computer, a Smartphone or a digital Tablet. For access to the WEBSITE and the SERVICES, the user must comply with the technical requirements (concerning the equipment and software) such as described in these terms. The user is required to take all necessary measures to ensure that technical specifications of his computer, Smartphone or digital Tablet, and their software and internet subscription, enable access to the WEBSITE in safe.

The user is responsible for the correct functioning of its computer equipment, as well as its connection to the Internet. As such, the user must ensure that this equipment has no problem or Virus and presents sufficient security in order to prevent the risk that a third party obtains access to his account and the data contained in this space. The user must take his disposition in order to preserve this security. To do this, the user must ensure in particular that there is no risk that viruses or hostile programs access and disrupt computer systems of the company WE ARE ATYPIK SAS. In particular, the user must ensure the security of his computer, Smartphone, digital tablet, using and updating regularly for software anti-Virus and antispyware and personal firewall.

The user assumes the technical risks related to a power failure, an interruption of the connections, malfunction or overload of networks or systems. The user acknowledges that it must apply to their choice Internet access provider for access to the Internet, the WEBSITE and SERVICES. In this context, the user acknowledges that he belongs to choose his Internet access provider and to set the terms of its relationship with him. The company WE ARE ATYPIK SAS cannot be responsible for risks related to internet access and the risks relating to the transmission of data BY the user himself or TO the user, including remotely in the event of conflict between the user to this access provider to the internet, in relation to the confidential/personal character of the transmitted data, the cost of transmission, maintenance and disruption of phone lines and the Internet.

Security of use. 

The user has the responsibility to use the SERVICES in accordance with the technical requirements and the safety instructions provided by the company WE ARE ATYPIK SAS. Under normal conditions, the SERVICES are accessible through the WEBSITE. The user must connect to the WEBSITE for a limited period of time and is committed to disconnect as soon as he has finished using the SERVICES. The disconnect is not automatic, once connected, the user remains connected to the WEBSITE until he proceeds to logout by clicking the “sign out” tab of the WEBSITE.

Notification in the case of loss, theft, misappropriation or unauthorized use by the user of its identifiers or of any means of payment for SERVICES.

The user must notify as soon as possible to the society WE ARE ATYPIK SAS electronically to:

Loss, theft, misappropriation or unauthorized his credentials and any payment method filled in for the use of the SERVICES, such as for example credit card, without prejudice to the obligations that the user must respect with bank issuer of the concerned means of payment, and in particular the obligation to notify these events without delay and to form opposition.

The user agrees to assist good faith WE ARE ATYPIK SAS in clarifying the circumstances and other relevant information to such loss, theft, misuse, unauthorized use or other similar event and proceed with the steps which may be required by the society WE ARE ATYPIK SAS. Moreover, the company WE ARE ATYPIK SAS may also block the user’s access to the WEBSITE when the company WE ARE ATYPIK SAS has reason to suspect, following for example the identification of transaction suspicious, and before even receiving notification of the user to this subject, loss, theft, misappropriation or unauthorized use of IDs or the means of payment recorded by the user for access to the SERVICES.

In case of breach of these terms by the user, the company WE ARE ATYPIK SAS reserves the right to suspend temporarily or terminate the user’s access to the SERVICES with immediate effect. This termination will be effective in its own right at the time of its meaning by the society WE ARE ATYPIK SAS to the user by mail or e-mail.

6.2 Obligations of the company WE ARE ATYPIK SAS

6.2.1 General principles

It is expressly agreed between the PARTIES that the General obligation of the society WE ARE ATYPIK SAS is an obligation of means. It weighs on the company WE ARE ATYPIK SAS no obligation of result or means reinforced whatsoever.

The company WE ARE ATYPIK SAS is committed to putting all means implemented to ensure continuity of access and use of the WEBSITE 7 days on 7, 24 hours a day except in case of force majeure or an event beyond the control of the company WE ARE ATYPIK SAS and subject to possible breakdowns or maintenance interventions necessary to the proper functioning of the WEBSITE. However, WE ARE ATYPIK SAS company cannot be held responsible for the disruption, cuts and anomalies are not of its making and that would affect the transmissions via the Internet and more generally by the communication network, which what are the size and duration.

It is also specified that the company WE ARE ATYPIK SAS reserves the right to temporarily interrupt access to the WEBSITE or to suspend all or part of the SERVICES for reasons of maintenance, for the improvement and installation of new features, for the audit of the functioning or in case of malfunction or threat of malfunction still.

6.2.3 Financial transparency

In accordance with article 242 bis of the General Tax Code, the company WE ARE ATYPIK SAS informs Suppliers/Advertisers, they are required to update their tax and social obligations on contracts they carry out their activity. In accordance with the regulations currently in force, the company WE ARE ATYPIK SAS will address from the subscription, an invoice drafted on behalf to the advertiser/provider in return for the settlement for the online of his / her sheets. Furthermore, in accordance with article L.111 – 7 II (1) of the Code of consumption, as an operator of online platform, society WE ARE ATYPIK SAS is committed to provide transparent and fair clear information on the modalities of its intervention, especially in article 7 hereof.

Article 7. Fair, clear and transparent Character

According to articles L.111 – 7 and following of the French consumer Code :

7.1 Methods of referencing and classification of SERVICES

Cards of Providers/Advertisers, who are presented to Buyers/Organizers within the WEBSITE, will appear in a random order regarding the cirteria’s selection defined by the Buyers/Organizers.

7.2 Capitalistic links

The society WE ARE ATYPIK SAS has no capital relationship or any legal link with one of the Providers/Advertisers – Buyers/Organizers that would influence the ranking or the referencing of content, or the services offered or put online. The WEBSITE is published and operated by the company WE ARE ATYPIK SAS. 

Article 8. Intellectual property

The trademarks, logos, slogans, graphics, photographs, animations, videos, software and texts and other content on the WEBSITE are the exclusive intellectual property of the company WE ARE ATYPIK SAS or providers and cannot be reproduced, used or represented without express permission under penalty of prosecution.

Our Advertisers and users declare and undertake to hold, for the duration of their presence on the SITE, all the rights, licenses and obligations of all visuals, videos, photos and media of any form and of any kind, used and made available on the SITE.

Any representation or reproduction, total or partial, of the WEBSITE and its content, by whatever method, without the express prior authorization of the company WE ARE ATYPIK SAS is prohibited and will constitute a counterfeit sanctioned by articles L.335 – 2 and following and the articles L.713 – 1 and following of the Code of the Intellectual property.

The society WE ARE ATYPIK SAS expressly prohibits:

  • Extraction, transfer, permanent or temporary, of the whole or a part qualitatively or quantitatively substantial part of the contents of its database to another medium, by any means and in any form whatsoever;
  • Re-use, by making available to the public of the whole or a part qualitatively or quantitatively substantial part of the contents of the base, regardless of the form;
  • Reproduction, extraction or re-use, by all means, places, activities sheets (photographs, description etc.) content of the Providers/Advertisers.

The acceptance of these terms is recognition by the users of rights of intellectual property of the company WE ARE ATYPIK SAS and providers and undertakes to respect.

Article 9. Responsibilities

9.1 General principles

WE ARE ATYPIK SAS declines all responsibility including:

  • In case of impossibility to temporarily access the WEBSITE for technical maintenance or updating of the information operations published. USERS acknowledge that the responsibility of the company WE ARE ATYPIK SAS could not be committed in the event of malfunctions or interruptions of such transmission networks.
  • In case of virus attacks, trespass in a system of automated processing of data;
  • In case of abnormal use or illicit exploitation of the WEBSITE by a user or a third party;
  • Relatively to the content of third party WEBSITEs to which return hypertext links present on the WEBSITE;
  • In case of failure to respect these terms due to users;
  • In case of delay or non-performance of its obligations, when the cause of the delay or non-performance is related to a case of force majeure as defined in these terms;
  • In the case of a foreign cause not attributable to the company WE ARE ATYPIK SAS;
  • For all indirect or intangible damage, such as loss of opportunity, loss of profit, loss of contract or loss of image.

In any case the responsibility of the company WE ARE ATYPIK SAS may be engaged only in the case of proven fault.

In case of abnormal use or illicit exploitation of the WEBSITE, the user is solely responsible for damage caused to third parties and the consequences of the complaints or actions that may result.

9.2 Host status

USERS acknowledge that the society WE ARE ATYPIK SAS has the quality of hoster within the meaning of article 6 I 2 ° of the law of 21 June 2004 on confidence in the digital economy so-called LCEN.

As such, society WE ARE ATYPIK SAS reserves the right to remove any content that will be reported and/or considered obviously unlawful within the meaning of article 6 I 2 ° of the law of 21 June 2004 on confidence in the digital economy so-called LCEN.

Notification of clearly illegal content by a user or any other third party must get e-mail at the address or by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt. Section 6 I 5 ° of the law of 21 June 2004 on confidence in the digital economy so-called LCEN, notification, to be valid, must take the following:

  • The date of the notification;
  • If the Notifier is a natural person: name, first names, profession, home, nationality, date and place of birth; If the applicant is a legal entity: its form, its name, its headquarters and the organ that represents it legally;
  • The names and address of the recipient or, if he is a legal person, its name and its headquarters;
  • The description of the facts contentious and precise their location;
  • The patterns for which the content should be removed, including the mention of the legal provisions and the justification of facts;
  • The copy of correspondence to the author or the Publisher of the information or contentious activities asking their interruption, their withdrawal or modification, or the justification for what the author or Publisher could not be contacted.

Article 10. Major force

The PARTIES will not be considered have breached their obligations if they are prevented to perform the whole or part thereof as a result of a case of force majeure, provided that the defaulting party shall inform the other party by letter with acknowledgement of receipt, within five (5) calendar days of the occurrence of the event and justifies the nature of the major force within the meaning of French law, including particularly attack of hackers, unavailability of materials supplies, spare parts, personal equipment or others; and the interruption, suspension, reduction or disturbances of electricity or other or all interruptions in electronic communications networks.

The defaulting party will make its best efforts to limit the effects of the major force and find any solution in order to resume the performance of its obligations promptly.

If the execution of one or more of the obligations of either party is delayed because of the occurrence of an event of major force, the performance of the obligations will be suspended until the disappearance of that event.

Article 11. Protection of the personal data

11.1 Regarding the treatments carried out by the society WE ARE ATYPIK SAS

In the WEBSITE operation, the company WE ARE ATYPIK SAS is likely to collect personal data. These data are necessary for the WEBSITE management and all the SERVICES provided. These data will be processed in accordance with the aims planned at the time of collection. As such, the treatment of your personal data which details are provided in the privacy policy has been compliance under the European Regulation: The GPDR (General Protection of Data Regulation) The user has a right of access, rectification, opposition (for legitimate reasons), modification and deletion of his personal data at any time. He can proceed directly by deleting his profile on the WEBSITE, either by sending an e-mail at the address or by sending a mail to: WE ARE ATYPIK SAS – 55 avenue Marceau 75 116 Paris 16 – FRANCE

11.2 Regarding the treatments carried out by providers

The Provider/Advertiser may be required to collect and process the personal data of Buyers/Organizers of the WEBSITE, especially when they address a message on their personnal CARD. As such, the provider guarantees it processes these data in strict compliance with the rights and obligations of European data protection act: GPDR. As part of the processing of data personal implemented by the provider, it is recalled that the company WE ARE ATYPIK SAS has the quality of subcontractor within the meaning of article 35 of the law of January 6, 1978. It is therefore expressly agreed between the parties that the society WE ARE ATYPIK SAS took all the measures required for the treatments implemented by the provider:

  • Will not perform any operation data processing if it is on instruction of the Provider and, still under the full and exclusive responsibility of the Provider;
  • Will all the means in his possession to ensure the security and confidentiality of the data personal assigned.

Article 12. Validity of UGC

Any change of the legislation or the regulations, or any decision of a competent court invalidating one or more clauses of these terms does not affect the validity of these terms. Such change or decision does allow any users to ignore these terms.

Article 13. Modifications

13.1 Modifications of Terms

These terms apply to any user of the WEBSITE. The terms may be modified and updated by the company WE ARE ATYPIK SAS at any time, including adapting to the changing legislative or regulatory. The applicable terms of use are those in force at the time of the navigation on the WEBSITE.

13.2 Changes to SERVICES

The company WE ARE ATYPIK SAS reserves the right to change or stop to offer all or part of the SERVICES at any time, at its free discretion. The user is informed of these modifications and/or stop by all useful means, within a period of one (1) month.

Article 14. Claims

Any claim may be filed with the company WE ARE ATYPIK SAS by e-mail to the following address:

Claims can also be sent by post to the company WE ARE ATYPIK SAS – 55 avenue Marceau 75116 Paris 16 – FRANCE

Article 15. Agreement on evidence

Under the terms of section 1368 of the French civil Code, the company WE ARE ATYPIK SAS and the user set the admissible rules of evidence between them in these terms.

The user agrees that files electronic addressed by society WE ARE ATYPIK SAS or accessible from the WEBSITE, are eligible in the courts and demonstrate data and the elements they contain, where applicable, the processes of authentication and signature which they express.

The PARTIES agree the user manifests its consent by signing on a tablet or a screen checking boxes or using any other means at his disposal. These processes are eligible in the courts and are evidence of the data and elements that they materialize as well as signatures that they express in accordance with the requirements of section 1367 of the Civil Code.

Article 16. Applicable law and dispute resolution

These terms of use, their performance and their interpretation are subject exclusively to the french right. Any dispute arising between the PARTIES concerning the interpretation, execution or termination of these terms of use, the PARTIES shall endeavour to settle it amicably.

However, prior to recourse to the arbitral court or State, the user is invited to contact the society WE ARE ATYPIK SAS Customer Service, initially in accordance with article 14 hereof.

Failing amicable agreement within a period of one (1) months from referral to one of the PARTIES, the dispute may be submitted to the courts of the jurisdiction of the Court of appeal of Paris, to which it is made expressly grant of jurisdiction, notwithstanding plurality of defendants or guarantee call, including for emergency procedures or Conservatory procedures, summary or by request.

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