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For all your communication needs, Ikonossa provides your company with specific expertise. Your satisfaction is our priority; it guides all our actions. We will help you manage all the communication aspects of your company. Located near Paris, France we can travel easily in the Paris area and can follow you across Europe or further abroad, if your projects need it.

Creativity at the heart of your brand

Ikonossa is ready to produce for you the best strategy to make your brand image shine. First, we will start with a complete analysis of your situation. Then, we will identify your opportunities and strengths, in order to establish a plan that is tailored to your context and respectful of your values. We will help your company’s image improve quickly, enhancing the skills of your staff and the merits of your products or services. We will turn your weak situations into strengths, develop your assets: communicate better for a better image. Our expert team’s creative ideas are here to regain each of your market shares and create new opportunities for your business. With our professional help, you will be at the heart of each of our solutions because you are in a better position to talk about yourself, your values and activities. We will use our technical skills and guide you so that together, we build a new image. Thanks to the close collaboration with our team during work sessions, decisive and beneficial decisions will be made for all of your company.

Management of your production

To define your new communication strategy, actions need to be set up quickly, according to the schedule. Production starts with visual design – e.g. graphic charter, promotional design, advertising videos. This data is necessary to set up an audiovisual and digital platform. Your website serves as a showcase, and the social media –Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube‐, quickly convey your message. Having your own YouTube channel is no longer only meant for music or movie stars! It helps to promote the visibility of brands like yours, through advertisement. Depending on the objectives set, it may be useful to design communication media with all the necessary branding (e.g. brochures, T‐shirts, roll‐ups). They will support your brand through promotion and advertising and be more relevant when broadcast on different media and social networks. Ikonossa is committed to making every effort to keep your business running, within the budget boundaries you defined.

Following your projects through

Ikonossa is ready to take part in your different projects with appropriate advice, linked to your field of business. Through adequate training on specific aspects of your company, your teams may well strengthen or update their skills. As a result, your organization will be able to successfully carry out your action plan, by facing its competitive environment. Wherever you are located, we will be at your side to create a strong bond, from which you will benefit in the short and the long term. After we leave, your newly qualified teams will be autonomous; however, if need be, we can come back to refine and/or inject new ideas. Ikonossa builds up your image so that, through your team’s successes, your services or products prove to be the solution to your customers’ most current needs.

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